Cross-Cultural Training

We’re used to bringing our own skills to the table. Many people believe that “if I have the right technical skill set, I can be successful anywhere in the world.”

In the global workplace, however, one needs cultural knowledge in addition to technical knowledge to continue succeeding. Without the cultural knowledge one can stumble.

Here is how Khalifa Consulting can add value to you and your organization:

Global Business Skills

This offering is targeted towards leaders working outside their country of origin.

Cross-Cultural Relocation Training

This training prepares you for success in the new assigned country. It provides you with insight on:

  • How time is viewed
  • How to manage deadlines and meetings
  • Management styles differences and similarities
  • How important is relationship building?
  • How to not offend people in the host country
  • Adjusting to the new country

Repatriation Training

Most people think it is a “piece of cake” or easy to come back home after an international assignment. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most situations. Returning expatriates many times find it much more challenging to “come back home”. Our training provides the returning executive tools and strategies to over come the challenges posed with the “return home.”

Children’s Program

One of the key reasons expatriates find their new assignment challenging is that their children were not ready for it. Our programs prepare children to live in their new country.

Cultural Briefing

With the world and business moving at a very fast pace, you might have to fly to Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Kuwait for a meeting. Are you ready? Our cultural briefing will help you in your preparation for your trip and your business there. We will provide you with strategies for success.


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Khalifa Consulting worked with my non-profit to build our cultural training. The training helped us interact more effectively with the refugee community. Our employees are more confident.

Executive Director