About Us

Why is Khalifa Consulting right for you?

  • Our wide-ranging expertise focuses on the cultures of the Arab world and the United States.
  • We work with our clients to create custom solutions for their specific business needs.
  • Our consultants have practical business expertise.
  • Khalifa Consulting has a track record of excellence working with Fortune 100 companies, non-proftis, government and others.
  • We are focused on improving our client’s bottom line and driving results.

How do we do it?

Pre-engagement Interview

We conduct a pre-engagement interview to identify the areas our training or consulting can be most effective. During the engagement we cite the results in informative and meaningful notations.

Interactive and engaging workshops

Our training is interactive and engaging; no one-sided delivery style and “data dump”. We employ games, role plays, scenarios, case studies and group activities as time and scope allow.

Post-engagement assessment

After our engagement, we conduct a post-training evaluation to measure the effectiveness and the benefits gained from the program.

Intimate inside view of the culture you are studying

Our consultants have native cultural knowledge in addition to business experiences. This helps you see what the culture is really like vs. someone who just knows about it.

Delivery options

We provide face to face or virtual training and coaching.


We provide participants with a “Quick Information Guide” outlining key points to remember.

Individual Action Plans

We help participants develop an individual action plan.

Reach out to explore how we can be of service to you.



The demographics of our area is changing and we did not know much about Arabs and Muslims. Our law enforcement officers are now better equipped to engage and serve this community better with the cultural competency training we received.

Police Chief