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No matter what sector you operate in, Khalifa Consulting has workshops, training and coaching tailor-made to drive your results.

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  • Hosting and Working with Saudi Employees
  • Living and Working in the United Arab Emirates
  • Living and Working in Saudi Arabia
  • Living and Working in Kuwait
  • Managing a cross cultural team
  • Working Successfully in the Arab Word

Greetings from Dubai! I have been here for just over a week and wanted to let you know how tremendously helpful your training was. It helps me in my personal and business interactions every day. Also, I took your suggestion and duplicated my business cards in Arabic on the back. Both our customers and our employees have been tremendously impressed by this so THANK YOU for that great idea.

VP Sales and Marketing, United States Major Retail Store Executive

  • Working Effectively with Arab Americans
  • Understanding the Diversity and Cultures of Arab Americans
  • Intercultural Communication

I am finding your training very useful. I’ve already made friends with the Mayor of my area. I drank a lot more tea than I’ve ever dreamed, but we are becoming friends. We spent the weekend afternoon together riding around and looking at some of their projects. I’m not sure I would have been confident to interact with him before the training. Great Training!

District Account Manager

  • Working effectively with Saudi Students
  • Understanding and Navigating in the US Universities - Cultural Competency
  • You are Asking Me to Call You By Your First Name? Understanding US University Cultures

Wow! I can’t believe what a difference the training made for our incoming international students. We now have a common framework to refer to when we are engaging with them. The training was extremely valuable and helped our university staff understand the students better and it also gave the students insight into the US culture and the university’s expection!

Program Director Foreign Student Program

  • Working with the Arab American and Muslim Communities
  • Cultural Competency for Law Enforcement
  • Is Cultural Competency in Your Bag of Skills?

The demographics of our area is changing and we did not know much about Arabs and Muslims. Our law enforcement officers are now better equipped to engage and serve this community better with the cultural competency training we received.

Police Chief

  • Winning the Arab Patient and their Families. It is More Than Medicine!
  • Working with Arab and Arab-American Patients and their Families
  • End of life Issues

Our hospital receives many patients from the Arab world and our staff did not have the cultural competency to work with them effectively. The Khalifa Consulting training provided the needed cultural competency to understand Arab patients and their family. Our staff is now able to better serve them. As a result, we are seeing an increase of patients from the Arab world.

Hospital Administrator

  • The World is Here! Is your Non-Profit Ready?
  • Cultural Competency Training for Effective Community Building

Khalifa Consulting worked with my non-profit to build our cultural training. The training helped us interact more effectively with the refugee community. Our employees are more confident.

Executive Director

  • Cultural Competency Training for Retail Establishments - Destination Gulf Region
  • What will work and what will not work - Rethinking your Brand in the Arab World
  • How is Customer Service

As a result of our Gulf Arabs Cultural Training workshop with Khalifa Consulting, we realized that our marketing strategy for the Gulf region will not be effective. We had to rebrand. If it was not for the training, we would not have been successful in our new market! The training was priceless.

United States Major Retail Store Executive

  • Women Executive Doing Business in the Arab World - What to Consider?
  • Keys to success as a Woman Executive in the Arab World
  • Impact of Culture and Religion on your Career Success in the Arab World

After my training session, I felt more confident about my new assignment in Saudi Arabia. I was – frankly – very nervous, given that it is my first visit to the country as a woman executive. I took pages and pages of notes and reminders to ensure my success. I could not have been successful on this assignment without this training!

Sr. Director of Sales, Fortune 100 Company

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