Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our consultants and trainers travel to our clients’ locations either within the US or outside of the US.  Our trainers are also located in different places throughout the world. 

Khalifa Consulting Team has Indian cultural experts who can work with your executive and prepare him/her for their upcoming assignment.  We can also help his/her family with their cultural adjust for their move.  Our programs prepare the assignees and their families to be successful in their new assignment from the time they arrive.  The training also reduces the stress of the expatriate and their family.  We bring specialized attention to your expatriate’s needs.

At Khalifa Consulting, we work with our clients to meet their needs.  Our forms of training and coaching can be delivered in person or via webinar depending on the needs of our clients. 

All our training workshops are custom designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We first conduct an in-depth needs assessment.  We design the workshop.  We develop the content.  We implement the training and then we evaluate the effectiveness of the training.  All these steps are conducted in partnership with our clients as appropriate.

Yes, we have special expertise in working with women executives with attention to nuances between the different countries of the region.  We cover how the executive should dress, how to communicate and present, how to interact with the opposite gender and how to be taken seriously.   We event show them how to cover their hair if needed!  Our coaching session can be conducted one on one or via phone or Skype. 

Yes.  We assist expatriates relocating to the US in applying for social security, drivers license, bank accounts and more. 

Yes, translating into Arabic can be tricky as a deep knowledge of the culture is a must when translating.  Our translators are native Arabic speakers with certifications in translation to Arabic from several languages including English and French.  Our translators have industry specific knowledge such as business, engineering and medical fields.

Reach out to explore how we can be of service to you.