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Cultural Intelligence

With global reach - and a special emphasis on Arab/US intercultural training and development – Khalifa Consulting delivers personalized solutions in:

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Cross Cultural Training

  • Conducting business without offending anyone
  • Overcoming expatriate challenges
  • Attending a US university for the first time
  • Getting the business in the Arab world

Leadership Coaching

  • Understanding your leadership style and how it translates in different parts of the world
  • How to be effective in managing a multi-cultural team
  • How to master virtual teams

Multi-cultural Team Building

  • How to handle interpersonal and cultural issues on your teams
  • Getting your team on the same page
  • Clarifying your roles, goals and norms on a new team

Translation & Destination Services

  • Ensuring translations are culturally sensitive
  • Getting situated in the US with a Social Security card and driver's license

Greetings from Dubai! I have been here for just over a week and wanted to let you know how tremendously helpful your training was. It helps me in my personal and business interactions every day. Also, I took your suggestion and duplicated my business cards in Arabic on the back. Both our customers and our employees have been tremendously impressed by this so THANK YOU for that great idea.

VP Sales and Marketing, United States Major Retail Store Executive